We are all individuals taking different journeys and along our journey, we cross paths because of our shared passion and love of an active lifestyle. We create a community, form a tribe. 

People owning their personal improvement through activity. 

Our shared ambition for our tribe is for people to own their personal improvement through physical activity. People don’t sign up to a plan saying “please fix me”. Our tribe is people who are in control of their lives, in control of their destinies. And they want to improve themselves in all parts of their lives, but they are going to use physical activity as the ay to do it. 

This tribe helps me transform into a more awesome version of myself. 

At C55, whatever people’s personal improvement goals are, we think physical activity can deliver them. If they want to own the process and own the results, we can empower them by helping transform them into a more awesome version of themselves.


Open Imagination
  • AChanon Leethanasate (AU), 34yrs
  • AVP– Preferred Strategy CIMB THAI BANK Co.,Ltd

A Banker who falling in love with Triathlon!

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  • Saowaluck Pipatprathueng, 35yrs
  • Cabin Attendant / Student Pilot

A big fan of Duathlon!

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  • Chaiyathep Theppawan, 43yrs
  • Business Owner

I started the first race because of the movie named "SEVEN SOMETHING"

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  • Suraruek Prae-see, 38yrs
  • Business Owner

I love the feeling when I feel exhausted but finally I finished it