How can I register? Registration

Steps to register online www.c55events.com

  1. Select the race
  2. Fill out the personal information
  3. Select the payment method
  4. Complete

I don’t want to register online. Is there another way to register? Registration

Yes, you would be able to register offline at Thai summit Tower ,
7th Floor, 1768 Phetchaburi Road, Huai khwang district,
Bang Kapi Sub-district, Bangkok, 10310

I’m having trouble with online registration. Who can I talk to? Registration

Please contact us

Email: info@c55events.com

Tel: +66 (0)2-2521764-6

When can I register? Registration

Following the register date on race information

Can I register on race day? Registration

There may be an available ticket on race day.
Please contact us to make sure before the race day.
Email: info@c55events.com
Tel: +66 (0)2-2521764-6

I would like to change the race distance that I registered for. What can I do? Registration

Please contact us for changing because you probably need to pay additional cost.
Email: info@c55events.com
Tel: +66 (0)2-2521764-6

Can I change the name of my registration? Registration

Yes, you will be able to change the name of your registration. Please contact us
Email: info@c55events.com
Tel: +66 (0)2-2521764-6

I completed the registration form during the registration period, but I have not completed the payment yet. Can I still participate in the run? Registration

Please note that your registration will be cancelled if your payment is not received within the required time.
– For credit card payments, payment will be collected online at the time of registration.
– For ATM transfer and bill payment, the receive is required to show to confirm the payment as evidence via info@c55events.com

Is it possible to change the size of shirt? Registration day

Yes, it is but only before the online registration closed. Beside of that, you will not be able to change the size of shirt on the race day because the amount of shirt is limited and fit with the number of athlete.

Can I get or buy shirt of different distance? Registration day

No, we are not willing to sell or provide any extra race shirt.

If my timing chip get lost or damaged. Do you provide a new one? Registration day

Yes but you will be charge 500 baht for the new one.

Is it possible to choose my BIB number? Registration day

No, it is not because BIB number would automatically be assigned by registration system.

When can I get my running shirt, BIB number and timing chip? Registration day

Normally, you will be able to get them all at the venue the day before race day

How can I pay? Payment

- Credit card
- Account transfer/Bill payment

Can I pay by Account Transfer? Payment

Yes, you need to send the picture of receive as evidence to company email after paying for confirmation
Email: info@c55events.com

How do I know that the payment was processed successfully? Payment

- If you pay by credit card, you will receive an email confirmation shortly after you complete the payment online.
- If you pay by bill payment, you will receive an email confirmation within 3 days after completing the payment.
- If you pay by account transfer, you will receive an email confirmation after showing evidence within a day
- In case you do not receive the email within the expected time, please check your Junk Mail Folder.

Refund policy Refund and Transfer Policy

• In case of a refund policy, C55 events do not allow refund on any circumstances but is only subjected in the case of serious medical injury where athlete is unable to attend the event
• C55 events would allow a 50% refund on ticket when medical certificate is provided as proof and athlete will get a refund after the end of the event.
• In case of no medical issue has occurred, athletes are allowed to keep 100% ticket value to be used in other event under AMA within 1 year. After 1 year, the ticket is deemed expired.

Transfer policy Refund and Transfer Policy

• In case an athlete needs to upgrade the distance registered i.e. from 25km to 50km- an athlete is liable to make a payment of the difference in the ticket fee. Period allowed up to 1 month prior (subject to availability)
• In case an athlete needs to downgrade the distance registered i.e. from 50km to 25 km- an athlete will not be eligible to get a refund on the difference in the ticket fee. Period allowed up to 1 month prior (subject to availability)
• In case an athlete needs to transfer the ticket to a friend or a family an additional cost would incur an amount of THB 100 will be applied. Period allowed up to 1 month before the event or before registration closed.

Registration Process Freelance Photographer

Submit your requirement and personal information included contact number to info@c55events.com

Rules and regulations Freelance Photographer

  1. During the event, for the safety of the athletes, photographers are advised not to obstruct the route of the athletes. Photographers are advised to keep away from the athlete active route and take photograph from the corner.
  2. During the moment of less lighting, the photographers are not advised to use flash as it may cause an accident or may injure the athletes.
  3. All photographers are advised to maintain the cleanliness on course and make sure not to liter food or any trash to respect the nature.
  4. Photographers are not allowed to use drone (UAV) or any flying objects to take photographs.
  5. The organizer will not be responsible in case photographers had engaged into an accident, damage to property or belongings, or theft of belongings.
  6. Regarding race information, race route, and race briefing, please visit ….
  7. Photographer who have not registered for the event will not be allowed to take photographs in the event.
  8. Before the race day, photographers need to register and receive race ID before entering into event to take pictures as this would allow flexibility to find athletes photographs.
  9. Organizer will not be liable to provide services such as accommodation, travelling service, bike service on course for photographers. We advise photographer to have own means of transport and accommodation.
  10. In case photographers has failed to follow the rules and regulations set by the organizer, the photographers will not be allowed to enter or take photos in the event.

“ Thank you for your cooperation “